Sunday, May 15, 2011

You Know You Might as Well Face It….

You’re Addicted to?
According to Robert Palmer, it’s love.  But let’s face it; addiction has been a problem in society for, for, ever.  I remember my first foray into the notion of addiction.  It was the first time I watched Frank Sinatra in The Man With The Golden Arm.  I was still young and didn’t fully grasp the concept at the time.  I feel pretty certain that humanity has dealt with addictions of some sort since prehistoric times.  I bet the cavemen got a rush from sniffing the dust of certain crushed rocks.  The human body is susceptible to cravings of monumental proportions that need to be fed; it’s that itch which needs to be scratched.

I was in high school when I discovered friends were experimenting with marijuana.  By college, I was exposed to methamphetamines as students pulled all-nighters cramming for exams.  Likewise, when the weekend rolled around, they dove head first into an alcohol and downer cocktail.
After graduating college, I noticed how rampant cocaine use had become. Perhaps it was because I was living in New York City and it was the “in” drug.  I never got involved with cocaine.  I think it had something to do with my financial upbringing by depression-era parents.  The truth was, I simply had no desire to take my hard-earned cash and literally put it up my nose.

Now I find myself this aging baby boomer embarking on a new lifestyle, one with less routine and restriction.  It has been emotionally liberating, to say the least.  I find I am more open to exploring new things, much less fearful of the consequences.  Is this the reason I now have to face the fact that I have fallen to my own addiction? Can I deal with it at this juncture of my life?
I am not really sure when exactly it happened.  I cannot recall that first exposure, that temptation that I allowed myself to give into.  I don’t recall if it was peer pressure, doing it because my friends were doing it?  All I know is that I now have a serious problem that I need to face head on.

It’s a common drug and doesn’t require a prescription.  I am able to secure it easily on the street with the convenience of a drive-in dealer.  When I get the craving, which is now almost on a daily basis, I grab my purse and keys, and jump in the car.  Sometimes it happens late at night, long after I have gotten comfortable on the couch in my sweats or jammies.  It hits me like a ton of bricks, and with adrenaline pumping, I am out the door.  I don’t know what the pharmaceutical term is for it, but it goes by the street name of Sonic Blast.
Some addicts take theirs topped with M & M’s or Butterfingers, but my choice is Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.  When I pull up to place my order, I am anxious and jittery.  Knowing I am that close makes the withdrawal more intense.  As my car inches its way toward the delivery window, I practically foam at the mouth in anticipation.  When I finally get to the window, I hand over my cash and peak inside to see it if it is ready yet.  I once asked the clerk to put extra peanut butter cup pieces on it for me.  He informed it would cost an additional twenty-five cents.  Like a typical addict, I now find myself rummaging through pants pockets and winter coats, looking for errant quarters to help feed my habit.

The clerk hands me a napkin, rolled around a plastic spoon and a long straw, providing me options of how I want to inject myself.  And then I see it, that giant Styrofoam cup with the clear plastic lid.  I can see the frothy whipped cream and dusting of candy on top.  I grab it from him and speed away, the craving having completely overtaken me.  I live but five minutes from the Sonic Drive-In, and yet, there are times I have to dig into that ice cream if I get stuck at one of the two traffic lights in my path.
I know I have to get hold of this problem before it starts affecting my work and my family.  I had hoped I could count on my roommate for an intervention, but you know how we addicts abide by the “misery loves company” and “partners in crime” way of life.  Yes, I did it.  I brought her one and now she is addicted as well.  

And in case you were wondering, yup, it tastes great with a turkey sandwich.

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  1. i was addicted to sonic's coconut cream pie shakes. i knew every location in town so i could get my daily "fix". one summer i went to san diego and couldn't find a sonic. that's when i found McFlurry.

    i like dairy queen's blizzard with reese peanut butter, but i say "easy on the candy".